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Challenges with Oversize Loads? Handle Them With Ease With Midwest Heavy Haul!

Oversize Loads: Transportation & Trucking ServicesAre you looking to transport an oversize load across the country but do not know where to start? Let Midwest Heavy Haul carry the weight for you and take all the responsibility of transporting your equipment from the source to the destination without a hitch.

  • 3.5 million oversize loads circulate in the highways all over the United States. This makes it extremely important to regulate loads in terms of size, weight, and dimensions.
  • Each state has different rules defining an oversize load and the unique permits and licenses required to use state highways.
  • Details like site readiness, accurate dimensions of the load, and communication are common problems faced by inexperienced transporters and that is where our knowledge and experience can help you transport your goods to any part of the country.

To learn more about the reliable and budget friendly oversize load transportation options we offer, contact Midwest Heavy Haul at 888-377-0004.

What Qualifies as Oversize Loads – What You Should Know!

Are you looking to transport large shipment across the country? If yes, then you should educate yourself about oversize loads and choose a professional trucking company that specializes in transporting and hauling oversized loads.

In the US, any truck tractor and its attached trailers that exceed beyond set dimensions are considered to be an oversize load. So what parameters qualify for oversize loads?

  • Minimum loaded dimensions for oversize loads are 13’6” in height, 8’6” in width and 80’ length.
  • The load should be non-reducible i.e. should not able to be reduced further to legal size.
  • These loads can include large equipment, manufactured homes, cranes, board, construction tractors, control rooms, boilers, transformers etc.
  • Both size and weight of oversize loads are defined and regulated by an individual state. Many states adopt the Federal Bridge Formula to regulate the legal weight on axles.

Important: The transporter or hauler should obtain a permit for oversize loads before using state highways to ensure that the equipment is not traveling through unsafe zones. These include construction sites and bridges that are not equipped to carry more than 80,000 pounds in weight. This also ensures that overpasses with low heights are avoided by the haulers.

How Midwest Heavy Haul Can Help You Handle Oversize Loads

Challenges of Oversize LoadsAs experts in transporting heavy loads and massive equipment across the state borders, Midwest Heavy Haul understands the complexities involved in the process. We are familiar with all of the logistics and technical challenges pertaining to transporting heavy loads. With our expertise in legal and technical challenges as well as obtaining permits, you can rely on Midwest Heavy Haul to transport your precious equipment with no hassles and maximum safety.

What is P/EVO Certification?

Midwest Heavy Haul adheres to P/EVO standards set by many states in the US.

  • Pilot/Escort Vehicle Operators are certified individuals trained in safety of public motorists and handling heavy loads. Our team includes experienced P/EVO personnel that ensure safety for public motorists and the oversize loads we transport.
  • The main intention of this quality standard is to ensure that oversize loads are safely escorted to the destination without damaging the load, roads, highways, motorists, signs, wires, cables, control devices, and/or property.

For more information on successful transportation of oversize loads, contact our experts at Midwest Heavy Haul.

Working With Oversize Loads? Let Our Professionals Assist You!

If you are looking for a professional trucking brokerage company with a successful and impressive track record, Midwest Heavy Haul can help you. We provide top notch transportation services for oversize loads all over the United States. When working with our company, you can be assured of safe and timely transportation with an emphasis on quality and safety. For more information on our oversize load transportation services, give us a call at 888-377-0004.

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