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Types of Freight Transportation Services

Freight Transportation Services: Heavy Haul TruckingFreight transportation services enable the transfer of bulk and heavy goods and equipment from one place to another in an easy way. Whether you are moving your personal home or boat or you need to transfer any type of machinery or goods for your business, you can choose from several different modes of freight transportation to meet your needs. In general, freight transportation services involve transfer of goods via air, rail, ship, van, or a truck. Midwest Heavy Haul is a licensed freight broker offering a wide-range of freight shipping and trucking solutions to meet your needs.

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Air, Rail, and Water Freight Transportation Services

Both consumer goods and products and everyday household goods can be moved across the U.S. and Canada via a variety of methods including by air carrier, over the road trucking, freight trains, and even barges.

  • Air freight transportation services are ideal for the transportation of lightweight materials or smaller packages. If the weight of the package is small, then air freight can even cost you a lot lesser than other freight options.
  • Rail freight transportation service is an eco-friendly option in comparison to some other freight transportation options, and this is an ideal solution for transporting heavy goods like machinery, equipment, or automobiles across states.
  • Freight transportation can also be completed through waterways, where the goods are transferred safely by ship or barge in freight containers. Water freight transportation services are ideal for long distance, international goods transfer and are usually preferred for transferring heavy goods or large shipments.
  • A final freight transportation method is long haul trucking where goods and equipment are transported in large trucks or on flatbed trailers. This method is the most commonly used transportation method for goods traveling across the country and to Canada.

Rail Freight Transportation: Request a Freight QuoteAmong the four types, air freight transportation services take the shortest time for transporting goods. Freight shipping through waterways is time consuming, and can take up to a few months depending on the length of the trip. This is often considered for shipping of heavy equipment like jets, helicopters, automobiles, or bulk material for companies. An advantage of water and sea freight transportation services is that these cost much less, when compared to air, rail, or trucking.

Reliable Freight Transportation Services for All of Your Needs with Midwest Heavy Haul
Often, a single mode of freight transportation may not be the best option for transporting goods from one place to another. In such cases, it is necessary to utilize multiple methods and freight transportation services. At Midwest Heavy Haul, we can organize and arrange for the transfer of goods through a variety of shipping methods including over the road trucking and rail freight transportation services. We will monitor your freight throughout the shipment offering superior service in every step. Through the process, Midwest Heavy Haul’s staff and partners will ensure that your goods are delivered to the final destination on time and in good condition.

Dependable Over the Road Freight Transportation Services
Midwest Heavy Haul is the leader in offering reliable and timely over the road freight transportation services across the US and Canada. Over the road freight transportation involves transfer of goods from one point to another using a truck and trailer. We specialize in heavy haul transportation services, but we are prepared to handle any shipment and ensure that your freight transportation services are completed efficiently and accurately.

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