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If you have never transported oversize loads across the states, you will be surprised to learn the details and effort that go into transporting and hauling these heavy loads.

  • With our all-inclusive and comprehensive transportation services, you no longer have to worry about federal restrictions, rules, or permits as well as legal and logistic complexities.
  • Our freight rates vary based on the effort it takes to transport your load to the destination.

Request Oversize Load Freight RatesIf you are looking for an experienced and knowledgeable trucking company to provide safe, timely, and cost effective services, Midwest Heavy Haul is it. Contact Midwest Heavy Haul at
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Considerations for Oversize Load Transportation Freight Rates

When transporting heavy equipment from the source to the destination, there are several factors that should be considered before deciding on the final freight rates. These factors come into play during the planning and execution stages when transporting oversize loads.

  • Understanding legal limits in terms of weight, height, dimensions, etc.
  • Determining whether or not your equipment is considered oversize or overweight
  • Knowing the importance and necessity of pilot vehicles

Freight Rates for Oversize & Overweight Trucking ServicesFactoring essentials and restrictions of scheduling: Our oversize load experts ensure that all vehicles avoid accidents, traffic jams, bridges, and unsafe construction zones.

Consider special requirements for compliance: We consider restrictions like special markers like flags and lights, driving at night, on holidays, and weekends, and other restrictions that could hamper the scheduling of any oversize load.

At Midwest Heavy Haul, we pay special attention to these considerations and obtain all permits to ensure that your equipment is delivered safely, legally and on time.

Restrictions and Factors That Influence Freight Rates

When providing a quote for any oversize shipment, we consider certain essentials that allow us to give you a fair idea of our costs. Our professionals factor in restrictions that are likely to influence our freight rates such as:

  • Federal restrictions: While all states have certain regulations and restrictions for oversize loads, trucks that cross state lines are levied with federal restrictions too. For example, the vehicles are not to weigh more than 80,000 pounds (gross vehicle weight) while each axle should carry no more than 34,000 pounds per tandem axle. Vehicles with one axle are required to weigh below 20,000 pounds.
  • Permits: All states are required to issue a permit to trucks carrying oversize as well as overweight loads. If your vehicle crosses more than one state in its route, you are required to obtain permits from each state.
  • Exceptions: All states pose restrictions for size and weight however, exceptions do exist. These exceptions generally include a fee and are granted to loads that cannot be divided in terms of dimensions and weight. If the equipment can be separated without damaging or affecting its purposes, these exceptions are not granted.

How are our freight rates determined? Depending on a number of factors mentioned above, the freight rates for our oversize load transportation services may vary/

Here are some things that are important to consider:

  • Loads bigger than federal standards generally cost more for transportation.
  • Actual freight rates are determined by considering the final height, weight and the number of states it is transported through.
  • Our freight rates costs also include the number of counties in each state as local taxes as well as administrative fees are applicable on all oversize loads.

To learn more about our freight rates and load transportation services, contact our representatives at Midwest Heavy Haul for more information.

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