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What You Need To Know About a Freight Brokerage Company

Freight Brokerage & Freight Transportation ServicesMost companies or individuals who regularly ship freight via truckload or rail transport have dealt with freight brokerage services. However, they might not completely understand exactly what the service is all about. Whether you are the client looking to ship cargo or freight or you are a freight carrier looking for cargo to carry, the role that a freight brokerage firm can play is often crucial. In short, freight brokers connect carriers and customers with shipping needs and help customers find the best carrier for their needs.

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What is a Freight Brokerage Firm?

A freight brokerage firm is a company that brings together people who need shipping services with a certified carrier who can meet these shipping needs. Usually when an individual or a business wants to transport equipment or commodities from one place to another, they look for a reliable and authorized shipping service provider who is willing to ship their goods at a reasonable rate. This process is highly complicated because there are hundreds of freight carriers to choose from – all offering a diverse variety of services. This is where a freight brokerage firm can help as they offer valuable advice and multiple options to assist the client in making their decision.

Here are some of the features and functions of a freight brokerage company:

  • A freight brokerage firm is neither a shipper nor a carrier, but a company that acts as the “middle man”.
  • Most freight brokers first gain valuable knowledge by working for either a carrier or a shipper. This gives them some experience that proves useful when making arrangements for any freight shipping service.
  • To make sure that a shipper gets all their freight shipping requirements fulfilled, a freight broker determines all the needs of the client and then compares those needs with the services and features of available carriers. This helps them in selecting suitable carriers to transport the items at affordable rates.
  • A freight brokerage company needs to acquire a permit or license to operate from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).
  • Insurance is another requirement for a freight broker because it is necessary to protect both their clients and partners from any loss.
  • Freight brokers normally earn a commission for their services.
  • A freight brokerage is not the same as a freight forwarder. Although their functions are close to similar, a freight forwarder takes ownership of the shipment and then consolidates it into smaller shipments. They then arrange for the consolidated shipments to be transported in an efficient manner. A freight brokerage does not take possession of the commodities being shipped, but instead connects the shipper and carrier directly.

Why You Need A Freight Brokerage Company

Why You Need a Freight Brokerage CompanyHiring the services of a freight brokerage company helps shippers in many ways. For example, you do not have to waste time and effort finding a reliable carrier to handle your freight. You can instead concentrate on other parts of your business that need attention. A freight brokerage firm helps you find a certified carrier who will transport your goods at a price that is within your budget. This means you can save money that you might have wasted if you had tried to find a carrier on your own. Therefore, finding a freight carrier through a freight brokerage firm is almost always the best option because you can rest assured that you are getting good service and reliable carriers.

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